I am very grateful for the opportunity the art has given me to make contributions in and around my community. I am a supporter of several worthy charities, and I understand the collective benefits of supporting causes that work hard to make our world a better place. Of course I feel a tremendous sense of joy whenever I interact through my art with people from all walks of life, but when I donate a painting to a charity, I think about the special mission that it has been chosen to do and it takes on a whole new significance for me.

The Red Edge (Redgy) Campaign is a way for me to distinguish the work that I donate to charities from my work sold to collectors and galleries. By painting the edges of the works of art that I donate red, I feel it adds a unique quality that will help celebrate the special purpose and lasting legacy of the cause.

In years to come, those pieces will have their own story to tell about the charity and all who benefited from that special purchase.